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Development Department

The development department at Al-Rasheed for Computers and Industry is proud of announcing itself as a pioneer and leader in the region in the field of retrofitting manual machines into excellent quality CNC machines.

We take it as our prime occupation to turn new or old manual machines of different kinds (milling, turning, wood work, rooters, etc..) into fully automatic CNC machines. Our work involves the use of parts of top quality from all over the world (Europe, USA, Etc..)

We start first by making all the mechanical modifications to the machine that makes it suitable to the CNC work. The most critical aspect is the suppression of friction and backlash which is accomplished by the use of top quality high class pre-loaded ball screws.

Next we add highly efficient servo motors and linear digital encoders as a feedback device.

Next on the job list is to make all the electrical modifications necessary for the automation of the machine. This consists in the use of PLCs, IO cards and of course the heart of our system, a top, most up to-date PC based control board with DSP processing power, multiple tasking, double buffered memory and an on-board PLC capability.

Finally a practical and powerful CNC program with 3D graphics possibilities controls the machine, turning it into a top quality CNC machine capable of highly accurate 3 axis coordinated motion, thus making it possible for a milling machine as an example to produce the most complicated and challenging shapes and parts. This complete system is retrofitted to the machine in an elegant and practical casing tailored to every specific machine.

Our work does not stop here. Along with the purchase of our CNC system, we offer complete training in our factory site. We also train on CAD/CAM programs with us giving our customer the possibility of starting with the alphabets of CNC, CAD/CAM and automated systems to become an expert in these highly technical and sophisticated subjects. Our systems are guaranteed for one year.




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